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The Bubble Breaker Challenge

Years ago I had a PDA. About the only thing that worked properly on it was “Bubble Breaker” and I became hooked on this simple but addictive game. I also began to experiment with computer programs to play bubble breaker.

As a result of these experiments, you can now test your bubble breaker skills against “The Challenger” – a computer algorithm designed to find the best score possible. It’s not invincible though so can you come up with a better score? And if you are interested in knowing how the challenger works go to The Bubble Breaker Challenger blog 1.   ‎

The Bubble Breaker Challenge is absolutely free so download it now – just click the button below.


Download The Bubble Breaker Challenge


  • Large intuitive user interface.
  • Switch between your game (the Player) and the computer’s (The Challenger).
  • Undo back to the start of the game.
  • Animate the game.
  • Useful information panel.
  • Numbered games – share the good ones with your friends.
  • Statistics – keep track of how well are you doing overall…

Screen Shot

The Bubble Breaker Challenge

The Bubble Breaker Challenge (Free)

Pro Version

Coming soon – the Pro version of the Bubble Breaker Challenge. For a very modest price you get:

  • Any number of bubbles – any width * any height up to 100 on a side.
  • Up to eight colours of bubble.
  • Optional game clearance bonus.
  • Optional un-cleared bubbles penalty.
  • Sound effects.
  • Enhanced statistics.

Register your interest now at and get 20% off the price.

In addition, anybody emailing useful suggestions and features to be included in the Pro version of the Bubble Breaker Challenge, will receive the “Bubble Breaker Challenge Pro” for free.