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Tripplikit USB Charger Test

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Have you ever left you smart phone or tablet on to charge only to come back later and find it has hardly charged at all. Well help is now at hand with the Tripplikit USB Charger test module.


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  • Fully automatic. Simply plug it into your charger.

  • Microprocessor controlled.

  • Displays charger’s maximum output current from 200mA to 2A.

  • Self test and faulty charger indications.

  • Accepts micro and mini USB charging leads.

  • Simple LED output.

  • Simple assembly.

  • Shipped from the UK.

  • RoSH compliant and lead free.

  • Double sided PCB with ground plane for noise immunity.

  • Technical support – email


The Tripplikit USB Charger Tester uses a micro-controller to draw a controlled amount of current from your charger. I gradually ramps up this current while, at the same time, monitoring the charger voltage.

Once the tester is drawing the maximum current that the charger can supply, the charger’s output voltage will start to drop. At this point the USB Charger Tester will reduce the current drawn by 15% and “soak test” the charger for a further 40 seconds.

The You Tube video shows the USB Charger Tester in action.

The instructions for assembling and using the Tripplikit USB Charger Tester can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

Buy from: ebay or amazon.

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