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Tripplikit Logo

Tripplikit Electronics sells the electronic kits and modules for the YOU SYNTH project.

Tripplikit also sells interesting and useful electronic kits and modules for the hobbyist and general electronics fan.

Below you will find a list of the kits and modules available from Tripplikit.


MIDI I/O Module

MIDI IO product pic2

  • Simple MIDI input and output.

  • Suitable for beginners.

  • Double sided PCB with ground plane for noise immunity.

  • Latest MMA approved circuitry.

  • Designed to work with all micro-controller development boards.

  • 5V or 3V3 options.

Tripplikit USB Charger Tester

Charger test product pic

Have you ever left you smart phone or tablet on to charge only to come back later and find it has hardly charged at all. Help is now at hand with the Tripplikit USB Charger test module.

  • Fully automatic. Simply plug it into your charger.

  • Displays charger’s maximum output current.

  • Simple LED output.

  • Simple assembly.