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I’m Chris Pidd MSc, Yorkshire based freelance electronic product developer specialising in working for small businesses


Think of me as your partner for electronic product development. I can provide a complete service from specifications through to manufacturing, From an interface box to a complete product.

I have worked for many years developing electronic products, mostly for smaller businesses having had many years experience helping to turn a great idea into a product on a very tight budget.

I am experienced in a variety of fields from consumer electronics, electronic musical instruments, instrumentation, industrial control systems and safety systems for large vehicles.


We are surrounded by electronic products and seem to spend most of or lives we are interfacing with technology – quite often in an unsatisfactory and frustrating way.

  • I believe technology should be there to enhance life – it should be about ideas & innovation.
  • I believe anything we design should not exist within narrow technical commercial boundaries Its whole impact should be considered – for instance its possible environmental impact.
  • I believe in approaching product development from a design / innovation / problem solving perspective. Aware that producing the real solution to the problem requires not just recycling ideas but adding innovation.

There is a tendency for some sub-contractors to do what there were asked – to simply follow the instructions given to them. I believe in working as a partner to see the project through – to add creative advice and input throughout the project.

I have experience of the problems of manufacturing and how they affect design. Over the years I have built up extensive contacts in all aspects of manufacturing.

With many years experience designing electronic products and writing PC software. Let me help you turn your ideas into reality.


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